Threat From ‘Ransomware’ Is Expected to Grow

One thing for sure, Ransomware is not going away, in fact it is getting more prevalent than ever before.While it is true that some of the original group distributing and profiting from the crime have been caught, the new wave of thieves are more sophisticated than the prior group. According to Forbes this new strain of ransomware “Locky”is infecting as many as 90,000 systems per day.

ID Theft in 2015 – 5 Things We Learned

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans file identity theft complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies.

Related data is compiled into the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. This Investigator Insight from Kroll shares five key facts pulled from the data.

This is why Undo Identity Theft has been saying for years, credit monitoring alone is not enough.