The Internet of Things (IoT), A Blessing or a Curse

With the onslaught of the Internet of Things, the American people’s quest for convenience can continue to explode.

The Blessing
We can now remotely, through our phones, control the environment in our homes, check on home security cams, lock/unlock our doors, turn lights on/off, check & close the garage door, start the car, have appliances alert us if there is a malfunction, to mention just a few of the things we can do.

The Curse
The security for the Internet of Things devices is severely lacking. Most things mentioned above as blessings can be controlled by some kid trying to have fun by reversing functions OR be compromised by identity thieves who penetrate your WiFi network to get into your personal private information to STEAL your identity. In addition your system could be hijacked for participation in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

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– And remember, you need to get Identity Theft protection.