What is the Dark Web

Search engines like Google and Yahoo only access 4% of the entire Internet. The other 96% is made up of the “dark web,” or “deep web,” a vast online space commonly favored by mass hackers and smugglers. So how exactly does the dark web work? And why is Facebook currently tapping into it?


L38, R7, L15 ? No, not GPS coordinates…

Do you remember your locker combination? No worries, because if you forgot it, all you had to do was open your notebook to the back page, where you wrote it along the bottom edge – you know, the ‘secret’ spot.

Impact of OPM breach could last decades.

Intelligence and security experts say recovering from the massive data breach at the Office of Personnel Management won’t happen until most retire. Many of our security partners have had, or still have top secret clearance and are seriously concerned about their personal and family security. One investigator said, “If they’re planning to give us free credit monitoring, it will prove to be useless since this data has nothing to do with our credit.”

How to Recognize Phishing Scam Emails

One of our most trusted IT partners was recently a target of a phishing scam – here’s the article by Joe Tricker, at Mother G.

“MotherG was recently the target of a phishing scam (yes, even IT managed service providers can be targeted). I’m thankful that we were the target, not the victim due to our diligent staff. If we hadn’t been so fortunate, I’d either be writing a different blog or updating my resume. Admittedly, the manner in which the bait was presented was quite clever. I want to share our experience, discuss why we were the target – not the victim, and provide steps to take if you’re targeted by a phishing scam.”

Cybersecurity Insurance Fills Important Gaps in Liability Insurance Coverage

The twenty-first century challenges posed by data breaches and cyber crimes do not fit neatly into the space occupied by traditional liability insurance policies. As a result, courts have had a difficult time grappling with data breach claims under such policies, which highlights the need for companies to consider cybersecurity liability insurance coverage as a more targeted option to cover against losses incurred by cyber crimes and data breaches.