Cyber Security Moves to the C-suite

July 03, 2017 | Daily Herald | Jim Kendall
– You know the situation has worsened when George Vroustouris talks about social engineering and the need for C-suite leadership to combat what has morphed from certainly serious but by comparison relatively straightforward identity theft to cyber security issues.

With vulnerable data including employee personal information, customer information, vendor data and such intellectual property as formulas and other key processes, the security issue should move to the C-level…” Vroustouris says. Full Article

ID Theft in 2015 – 5 Things We Learned

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans file identity theft complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies.

Related data is compiled into the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. This Investigator Insight from Kroll shares five key facts pulled from the data.

This is why Undo Identity Theft has been saying for years, credit monitoring alone is not enough.