When ID Theft Gets Personal PODCAST

Numbers you should know – especially if you sell on the web:

A national survey of online households indicates that 45% of us are worried about credit card and banking fraud. Here’s the kicker: One-third of those households no longer purchase goods and services on the Internet.

Same NTIA* survey: 63% of us are worried about identity theft – and by a loss of control over our personal data.

LinkedIn last week admitted that a 2012 data breach affected login data for more than 100 million users, not the 6.5 million originally noted. According to the Los Angeles Times, a hacker is selling user data on the Dark Web. LI now says users should change their passwords.

The same day, the Milwaukee Bucks (NBA team) reported that players’ W-2 information (Social Security numbers, names and addresses, birth-dates and compensation) as reported to the IRS has been stolen.

That makes our new Pod Talk, When ID Theft Gets Personal, especially timely. Listen in at www.kendallcom.com/podcast — and share with friends and family. The guest, who offers protection suggestions, is identity theft expert George Vroustouris.

Jim Kendall – May 23, 2016 © Kendall Communications Inc

*To read the full survey, click here