8 Best Practices To Avoid A Phishing Scam [c/o Mother G]

One of our trusted partners, Mother G, has been helping clients with Phishing Scams for many years. And while we address this issue in our Risk Awareness Training [link to training-workshops-webinars/risk-awareness-training], our expert advise comes from the technical engineers over at Mother G, and here’s what they have to say…

“It’s Monday morning at the office and you are finishing your cup of tea while going through the weekend emails. You reply to Chris’ inquiry and save the draft that Sue sent over. Then you come across a strange but official looking email. You don’t recognize the sender but it reads: Invoice: 97303 Confirm Shipment in the subject.”

“Should you open the email? The email preview shows you a link that reads: tracking for your order. Should you click on it? Wait, did you order anything? Should you ignore it? Delete it?”

The best defense against phishing attacks is a smart user. Undo Identity Theft’s Workshops [link to training-workshops-webinars/risk-awareness-training] raise employee awareness to the threats, risk and impact of cyber crime. Mother G has put together some simple dos and don’ts to follow when dealing with email, attachments, links and forms.

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