CBS News 60 Minutes “Can a phone be hacked?”

“Can a phone be hacked?”

Well, the short and now obvious answer (Apple vs USA) is of course, yes. And possibly the more important follow up is, “What is the impact of my smart phone getting hacked?” 60 Minutes has provided an in-depth, insider view of the hacker world, with a very real taste of the impact cell phone hacking can have on our lives.

If you missed the full story, you can watch the video online at CBS NEWS

The follow clips show some highlights from the investigative report:


“How easy is it to break into my phone…” (1 minute)


“…the greatest weakness in mobile security, is human nature.” Most of personal identifiable information (PII) theft, resulting in identity fraud, is due to our mistakes, and our contempt for security protocols. We’ve traded our privacy for convenience.


Excerpt: Congressman Ted Lieu, on the House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, gets hacked. (3 minutes)


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