Cyber Security: Huge Risk To Small Businesses?

“It’s not just the big businesses that need to step up their cyber security plan. Small and mid-sized businesses are essentially as vulnerable to cyber attacks as the corporate giants.”

Listen to this episode to hear Dave and George discuss:

  • How serious is the cyber threat for smaller businesses?
  • Email breaches in the workplace
  • Small businesses have sensitive data that can be hacked
  • How to protect yourself from a technology standpoint
  • End user training on security: why they should follow the policies set in place
  • Rules to follow to stay safe and avoid breaches
  • Many businesses go out of business in 6 months after being hacked
  • How employees can keep their information and the company’s information safe
  • How complicated is it to set up the policy and the training for employees?
  • Proactive approach makes a difference
Thanks to MotherG for having George on their podcast this week!