Legendary Hacker Shows How It’s Done

Kevin Mitnick, the “world’s most famous hacker,” wanted to prove how easy it is to steal someone’s identity — and he needed a volunteer. One brave hand shot up Sunday night in a ballroom in the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Minutes later, Kevin Mitnick splashed the 30-year-old New Yorker’s cellphone number, date of birth and address on a screen for everyone to see. And that’s not all.
“You have my Social Security number?” the volunteer asked regretfully, once he saw it on display.  Already, an “oh s—” had floated up from the back of the ballroom where a crowd gathered to kick off International Telecoms Week.
Mitnick said he exposed the volunteer’s personal information with a database that charges 50 cents per search. Then he used a second database to look up actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother’s maiden name. That database costs $60 a year, Mitnick said.  “In America, the system’s broken,” he said, noting that the next step for a cyber criminal would be a trip to a free credit report website..
 Jon Seidel/Sun-Times | Full Story